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Forex graph reading

Charts usually have settings for the display style of the price and the time frame that you want to view. Time frames can be anywhere from 1 second to 10 years, depending on the charting system. Price can usually be displayed as a candlestick, a line, or bar. Key Takeaways Forex charts can be complicated to understand and look drastically different, depending on what options you want to use.

Candlestick charts are the most commonly used display method for indicating the price on a forex chart. Technical analysis relies on the price that is on the chart you are using. Most charting systems will allow you to add technical analysis tools as overlays on your chart.

Remember that the chart isn't so much about telling the future as it is managing risk effectively. Chart Types Charts typically have several different display modes for displaying the price. One method that price can be shown is called Japanese candlesticks. There are theories about using candlestick patterns to predict the price.

Candlestick analysis is said to provide a nearly instant sentiment read on the market. Price can also be displayed as a line. Line charts are a good way to simplify the display of the price. This makes them more informative than line charts, but they can still be difficult to read. Candlestick charts are the most popular type of Forex chart. They show the opening and closing prices, as well as the high and low prices, for each time period.

For those interested in Forex trading read about forex brokers in Nigeria to see regulated brokers. How to read line charts? Line charts are graphs that connect points with a straight line. This is how the whole information is shown.

This type of chart is very easy to read. The chart shows the prices of a currency pair over time. How to read bar charts? When you look at a bar chart, the lowest price for a certain period is at the bottom of the vertical bar. The highest price is at the top. The prices on the left and right sides of the horizontal line are the opening and closing prices. How to read candlestick charts? The candlestick chart shows the same data as other Forex charts. The vertical axis shows prices over time.

If a currency pair closes at a lower price than it opened, then the block will be colored red as an example. If they close out at a higher price, then the block will be colored blue as an example. Conclusion Forex charts are an important tool for traders.

In order to make money trading currencies, you need to be able to read charts and understand what they are telling you about the market. See some of the forex no deposit bonuses available to traders in Nigeria.

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What is a Pip? A pip is simply a unit you count profit or loss in. Typically, forex pairs are quoted to four decimal places 0. The exception to this is Yen pairs i. In this case the second spot after the 0 is referred to as a pip. What is a Forex Chart? A forex chart is simply a graphical depiction of the exchange rate between to currencies. It shows how the exchange rate of currency pair has changed over time.

For example, the chart above Euro vs. Dollar shows how the exchange rate between Euros and US dollars has fluctuated over time. The choice is yours. How do Forex Chart Timeframes work? The amount of time shown on the chart depends on the particular timeframe you select. By default, our forex charts are set to daily 1D timeframes. What this means is that each point on the graph, whether it be a line, candle or bar represents the trading data for one day.

If you were to change the timeframe to a 60 minute chart, each point on the chart would now represent 60 minutes worth of trading data. Example below: With most free forex charting tools you can choose to display timeframes from as low as 1 minute all the way up to one month. If get more advanced charting software, you can view lower timeframes. Types of Forex Charts Forex traders have developed several types of forex charts to help depict trading data.

The three main chart types are line, bar, and candlesticks. Compared to a line chart, which shows the price close to close, candlestick charts show four times the amount of information, displaying the close, open, low and high price of a given period. Diagram showing the Open, Close, Low and High prices of a candlestick. The body of a candlestick represents the difference between the opening and closing price of the currency for a given time period.

If the opening price of the candle is lower than the closing price, the candle body color is green. If the opposite occurs, and the opening price is higher than the closing price then the candle body color is red. Wicks represent the highest and lowest prices reached during the given time period. However, the bottom of the wick will always be the low price, and the top will always be the high price—these candlesticks can reveal a lot more detail, too, which is why they are popular with many traders.

A long, green body could indicate that there was a lot of buying pressure for that day, while a long, red body could indicate significant selling pressure. These charts have a larger body in the middle which indicates the difference between the opening and closing prices. Due to its many components, the Japanese candlestick offers more info than any other type of chart.

If the body is filled in, the closing price was lower than the opening. Because candlesticks can show so much about market activity, there is terminology specific to things you may see with these charts. It means neither buyers nor sellers were able to noticeably affect the price that day. The injection of money meant more investment from American forex traders, which boosted the confidence in the USD , stopping its decline.

A morning star Doji pattern. On a chart, this will appear as a cross or a plus sign—it is rare to see this happen on the open market, but it can happen at times. If you see a Doji occur during an uptrend or downtrend, it may indicate there will soon be a reversal, so be prepared whenever you see a big plus. This will be indicated by a small body with a large upper wick and a small lower wick. The hanging man commonly indicates that an upward trend is over. This formation could indicate that traders are selling the currency you are analyzing like hotcakes.

Buyers may have brought the price to near where it opened, but buyer confidence is generally falling, which means that the price is about to drop or stagnate. Thus, what you may well be seeing here is a currency that is losing its strength , and the uptrend may have disappeared. This means the candle body will appear near the bottom—a shooting star is also known as an inverted hammer for obvious reasons.

The shooting star indicates a very imminent trend reversal. So, what actually happened here? It means the price opened low, shot up high during the day, then later closed near the opening price. This could indicate a bearish outlook as sellers push back against a rising price.

This suggests buyers are indecisive and there may soon be a reversal to the downside. Harami and engulfing are some of the most common price patterns. The bearish engulfing is just the opposite, still with small wicks. In this case, there is a strong possibility of a downward trend to follow. A hammer is just the inverse of a shooting star—in other words, sellers pushed the price to a low during the day before sellers pushed it back up.

This could indicate a bullish outlook as buyers push back against a falling price. Bullish patterns indicate that a price will start to trend upwards. You may also see a bullish harami or bullish engulfing pattern—and as you might expect, each is just the opposite of their bearish counterparts. The bullish harami has a large red candle body followed by a small green candle body.

Then, the bullish engulfing has a small red candle body followed by a large green one. Here are some of the more popular indicators. Each currency gets a range from 0 to Of course, most currencies will fall somewhere in between on the RSI. Consequently, traders should generally consider selling positions over 70 and buying those under They help identify whether the market is relatively volatile or relatively stable—and, like RSI, Bollinger bands can help determine which positions are overbought or oversold.

If the bands are close together, this is called a squeeze, which indicates decreased volatility. However, this also may suggest a change in momentum and potential buying opportunities. On the other hand, volatility is increased when the bands are far apart.

Basically, Bollinger bands act like rubber bands. As with any average, this is determined by adding up all of the prices and then dividing by the time period—pretty simple indeed. For example, to find the average price for the week, you would add up the closing price for each day and then divide the sum by seven.

These averages are helpful because they can help determine the support and resistance prices for a currency pair. Why is this helpful? Because the closing price will be close to the low during a downtrend and close to the high during an uptrend. And as we see the closing price move away from its highs and lows, we can start to see shifts in momentum.

Conclusion Due to the unpredictable nature of the world economy amidst COVID, forex trading opportunities are more plentiful than ever. This has many newer traders eager to learn how to trade. If you want to trade forex, learning how to read forex charts is key to success. These charts reveal powerful clues about potential price changes and where the momentum is shifting.

Although each type of chart is useful in its own right, candlestick charts are what experts most often study. Simply put, these charts reveal the most about the forex market and where things are headed. As you get better at reading forex charts, you will get better at predicting where the market is going. Ultimately, this is how you will find success trading forex. To the trained eye, it can be easy to identify trends on a forex chart.

It may not be as simple for beginners, but it should get easier the more you study the different types of patterns. How Many Pips in a Day is Good? Seasoned traders can generate a profit equal to pips per day, on average. Remember, one pip is equal to the smallest price change of a given currency pair—the more you invest, the more each pip is worth. Which Candlestick Pattern is Most Dependable? That being said, which candlestick pattern is most dependable is somewhat subjective.

Every trader has their own style and will have different strategies that work for them. Which Forex Chart is Best for a Beginner? Bar charts and line charts are probably the best for a beginner. That is because these are some of the simplest charts and thus the easiest to understand initially.

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