using star c bands and forex
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Using star c bands and forex kchol investing in gold

Using star c bands and forex

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Though the price action was weak, the stare bands indicated that this was not a good time to sell. By waiting, a better selling opportunity was likely to occur. Point 2 was a low risk selling opportunity. In July point 3 , gold prices dropped well below the starc-band, but instead of declining further, prices moved sideways for the next 12 weeks.

Gold prices then started to move lower from November to December and touched the stare- band three times points 4. In all instances prices did stabilize or move higher for weeks. These bands work well in all time frames even as short as 5 to 10 minute bar charts. Stare bands can help the trader avoid chasing the market, which almost always results in a poor entry price.

Points 1 and 3 show prices bouncing after dipping below the lower band. Point 2 shows prices falling after rising above the upper band. Linda Raschke, a very successful commodity trader, has reintroduced them to technicians. In her modification, the bands are also based on the average true range ATR , but the ATR is calculated over 10 periods. This ATR value is then doubled and added to a 20 period exponential moving average for the plus band and subtracted from it for the minus band.

The recommended use of the Keltner channels is much different from the stare bands. When prices close above the plus band, a positive signal is given as it indicates a breakout in upward volatility. Conversely, when prices close below the lower band, it is negative and indicates prices will move lower. In many respects, this is just a graphical representation of a four week channel breakout system discussed in Chapter 9.

Figure A-6 is a daily chart of March copper futures. Prices closed below the minus band in late October at point 1. This indicated that prices should begin a new downtrend and copper prices dropped 16 cents in the next two months. With this indicator, moves below the lower channel such as point 1 are interpreted as a sign of weakness. There were many other closes below the minus band during this period. Until prices close above the plus band, the negative signal will stay in effect.

Choose an ATR multiple. Two times ATR is common, although this can be adjusted as needed. Calculate the ATR , and then multiply it by the multiple chosen. Calculate the new values as each period ends. STARC bands are a type of envelope channel that provides potential support and resistance levels. STARC bands follow a basic price channel trading methodology. Favor this strategy when the price is in an overall uptrend or when the price is ranging.

When the price is in an overall downtrend, favor shorting near the upper resistance band and covering near the lower support band. One thing to be aware of is that the price can move along a band for extended periods of time.

This may mean a trade that looks good at the moment could turn out to be quite poor as the price continues to move along the band. For example, imagine selling a long position when the price reaches the upper band, only to watch as the price and upper band continue to move higher for some time. Traders can use various average true range multipliers to influence the width of the bands.

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